CMG Mining S.r.l., was born from the idea of its founder, Francesco Guida, with the aim of broadening the horizons of the nation to the knowledge of mining and blockchain.

Mining is a fast-growing sector that is already well known in other countries. Therefore, the primary objective is to bring Italy up to date, and prepare it for what is, according to statistics, our future.

Mining - from the English 'to mine' - is basically the creation of electronic currency, the so-called 'cryptocurrency'.
Crypto Mining therefore refers to a lengthy process of extraction. Mining cryptocurrencies does not mean creating money: cryptocurrencies are automatically generated on the blockchain. The blockchain is then distributed randomly online. So cryptocurrency mining means getting cryptocurrencies generated by the network and distributed online.

Those in charge of this operation are the Miners, whose task is to validate entire blocks of transactions - 'mines' -, generating a new amount of cryptocurrencies that add up to the worldwide valuation base.

CMG Mining S.R.L. offers dedicated solutions for all types of customers, from mining to investment plans.

Our Rigs - special computers with high computing power for mining - are configured in advance. All the customer has to do is plug in the power and network cables and they are ready to mine.

Our activity is mainly focused on researching new technologies that can facilitate these operations and, above all, reduce the costs involved.