If you send an order after having chosen "Bank Transfer" you will automatically receive an e-mail from our system with our bank details in order to make the payment. This is obviously if you have chosen products that are immediately available, otherwise the e-mail will only be sent when the ordered material is all available in our warehouse. The execution of the order remains in this case linked to the receipt of payment, which may take from 1 to 3 days depending on the credit institution used.

In order to speed up the processing of this type of order, we always recommend that you send us an e-mail with the CRO code of the transfer issued by your bank and your ABI code after you have made the payment. In this way it is often possible for us to process orders before receiving the credit of the amount due.

Attention! To avoid any problems, please follow these guidelines carefully:

The bank transfer must be made out to CMG mining S.r.l. and the reason for the transfer must ALWAYS include your order number, which you will find in the order confirmation e-mail and in your order history.

Always reclaim the exact amount. If the payment is higher or lower, we will not be able to process them automatically and consequently the order processing may be delayed.

The sum must be paid in a single transaction. Multiple payments will slow down the processing of your order.

Payments from non-EU countries

If orders are sent from countries outside the EU, such as Switzerland, extra handling costs and taxes have to be paid. In this case we recommend that you inform yourself well before proceeding. These extra costs are in no way attributable to and are NOT included in the shipping costs.

Bank details

Made out to CMG mining S.r.l.

Unicredit Bank

Iban: IT92M0200814302000106117945



Payment by "Cash on delivery" is only available for shipments within Italy. Payment by cash on delivery is paid directly in cash to the courier who will deliver your order. It is normally advisable to have the exact amount to hand over to the courier, who is unlikely to have plenty of cash for the rest.

When your order is shipped, you will receive an email with the details of your order.

Delivery time is normally 24/48h. Please note that all delivery times are estimated and we are unable to offer any guarantee as we have no way of speeding up shipments entrusted to the carrier.


PayPal is the perfect online payment system for those who want fast delivery of their order with just a few clicks to complete the payment in complete security. By using PayPal we receive your payment instantly, so we can process your order immediately. By choosing Paypal as your payment method you have the possibility to use all popular payment types: Credit Cards, PostePay or use the funds on your PayPal account. More information at

Ordering and paying is very easy, just follow these 3 steps:

1. Put your items in the shopping cart, go to the checkout and choose "Paypal" as payment method when prompted.

2. Check your order and proceed when you are ready. The PayPal site will now open directly.

3. Choose whether to log in/create a new account or simply pay using one of the options offered by PayPal.

All payments made via PayPal have a charge of 4% of the order value for all users.

Paypal Security

PayPal is the leader in online payments. If you use paypal for your online payments, your sensitive data is stored solely on Paypal's secure servers and is NEVER passed on to third parties. All transactions are protected by the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol with a 128bit key, which is the most secure commercial solution currently available. Each transaction is confirmed by email and you can check the status of your online account at any time. In addition, the PayPal staff continuously monitors the data flow to prevent any possible fraud against users.